15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

People drink for various reasons, for celebrating something, or for enjoyment or to forget something painful. However, it is very important to drink only that much which you can handle without embarrassing yourself and your friends and family. Nowadays women are also drinking in a similar manner like their male counterparts, but they tend to forget that being drunk can be more dangerous for a woman than a man as a woman can be harmed in more ways and she may have to suffer more. Drinking alcohol is not the problem here, drinking beyond the reasonable limit is problematic for anyone.

Upside Down Parking

1 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

This image clearly shows that the woman has had too much to drink and she was not able to handle it. If you take a look at the number of empty bottles inside as well as outside her car, then you can get worried as there are too many bottles for just one woman. We just hope that she did not drink from all of them as it can be very dangerous for her. If the worst thing that happened was the upside down, then she was very lucky.

Friend In Need

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This woman seems to be a part of a bridal party as she is wearing the exact same dress like that of her friend. She is really lucky that her friend did not abandon her when she realized that her friend has had too many drinks to count. Although it looks like she is not able to keep her friend standing upright, it is more important that she has not left her side and is standing with her till help arrives.

Different Sleeping Style

3 14 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

This woman was so drunk that she did not even realize that she is not sleeping on the bench completely and half her body is on the pavement and half is on the bench. There is still a bottle in her hand which means that she is not ready to leave the alcohol even when she had too much. Let’s hope that she was not disturbed by someone who wanted to harm her and she was okay after she woke up.

Keeping Wrong Company

4 15 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

Although it is true that friends help you in a difficult situation and they are always there for you, you need to keep in the company of those friends who can influence you positively. If your friends are those who help you in getting drunk and behaving badly, then such friends are of no use. The friends in the image below, seem to negatively influence their friends and all of them are suffering the consequences of drinking alcohol without any limit and care about their capacity to handle it.

Three Is A Company

5 15 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

It looks like that all three girls are too drunk to care where they are spending the night. All three of them are dressed in fashionable and high-end clothes, shoes and are having matching accessories which prove that they are from families with money. They should have had some control over their alcohol consumption as it would have helped them in avoiding sleeping on a pavement like homes people. They are so drunk that they don’t even realize that they are damaging their own reputation by such behavior.

Realizing The Mistake Too Late

6 15 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

It looks like the girl is very sick due to having too much to drink the night before. Her expression suggests that she has realized her mistake of drinking too much more than her capacity. However, such realization can be temporary and she may repeat the same behavior once she starts feeling better. We really hope that she remembers her condition after a night of binge drinking and she is sensible enough to avoid the repeat performance of the same.

Down To Earth

7 15 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

The woman in this photo looks like she is really happy to land upon solid earth. In reality, she must have been too drunk to get out of the car properly. Her friends seem to be unconcerned about such a bad condition of her friend and instead of helping her, she is posing for a photo and enjoying the humiliation of her friend. We hope that the girl lying on the pavement was okay and someone took care of her.

Consequences Of Drinking Too Much

8 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

These three women look like they have come for a wedding as their dresses look quite expensive. However, they were too happy to drink free alcohol provided at the wedding that they got carried away and drank too many cocktails. The mixture of various different cocktails is showing its effect on their appearances as they have turned into ugly when they must have looked like pretty queens before they started drinking. Let’s hope that they did not spoil the reception by behaving terribly.

Trying To Walk Horizontally

9 15 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

It looks like that this woman is so drunk that it is not possible for her to stand up and walk and therefore she is trying to walk horizontally. Someone needs to tell her that she is lying on the pavement and she is not even moving one pace the way she is walking. She seems very happy and totally carefree and she is not worried about her condition at all. We hope that someone took her home safely and did not leave her on the sidewalk in this condition.

Taking Care Of A Friend

10 14 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

These two women seem to be a good friend of the drunk woman who is sleeping on the sidewalk without any care. The friends seem to be worried and are trying to contact someone who can take care of her or take her home where she will be safe from bad elements in the society. The drunk girl is almost unconscious and her friends are even carrying her shoes in their hands so that they are not lost. Hats off to you girls!