15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

Ready For Every Problem

11 15 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

It looks like that at least this girl was not too drunk as she reached home by herself and even prepared for the sickness which is inevitable after drinking too much. Even though she did drink too many drinks, she did not lose control of her faculties and was able to reach her home without causing any scene or falling down on the sidewalk. This is the way every girl should be able to handle their alcohol so that there are no embarrassing moments.

Sleeping Soundly

12 14 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

This woman is sleeping so soundly on a ground that she must be too drunk to notice that she is not sleeping in her bed. There is no bag, purse or any other belongings near her so we can assume that someone has taken advantage of her condition and has robbed her of all valuables and money. We just hope that she is safe and someone helps her when she wakes up so that she can reach her home safe and sound.

Embarrassing Accident

13 15 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

Such is the condition which should be avoided and it can be done only if you have control over your alcohol consumption. This woman had too much alcohol and she just collapsed on the carpet where the party was going on. She did even realize that she had wet her pants and that too in front of all those people from the party. The only good thing about this incident is that she is inside a home where is safe from the weather as well as from bad elements in society.

Too Drunk To Move

14 15 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

The girl looks like she was too sick and therefore she is not in a position to move away from the washroom bowl in apprehension that she may get sick again and she may not reach the bathroom without having an accident. Her friends are also keeping her company and that is a good thing as they can keep an eye on her if she becomes too sick. At least she is inside her home and not outside any bar or at any lonely road where anyone could take advantage of her.

Spending The Night

15 15 - 15 Girls That Had Too Much To Drink

These girls look like they are not even positioned to leave the party premises and therefore they are sleeping right on the dance floor. We hope that they are in a safe place and their friends are there to take care of them till they wake up and can go home. Spending the night is a safe place is always better.