15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

Weddings are unique not only for the couple who is starting a new and beautiful part of life but also for the people who are associated with them. The entire event is so memorable that we want to preserve it in our memories forever and the only way to do so is to take as many photographs as we can so that even after ten years, that wedding remains fresh in our memories and we can laugh at the same jokes as we did that day. Those photographs are indeed beautiful, but someone of them is funny, sometimes because of the poses of the people and sometimes because of the angle of a shot. Want to see some of these photos? Keep reading!

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The friends of the bride are a paramount part of the wedding because not only they help the bride to be in the preparations for the wedding but also they are the ones who make the event even more happening, and the photo that you can see below is an example. The picture is memorable yet hilarious because of the way the ladies are posing, they make it look like an advertisement of chips, but the best part is the female who is showing off her panties that say, “Let’s party!”

2 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

The most amazing part of a wedding photo shoot is the photo shoot of the couple because you get to see all the romantic poses that show how happy the two of them are upon tying the knot. You get to see love and happiness in their eyes and hope for a good future ahead. The bride in the picture is happily kissing the cheek of her husband who seems to be enjoying the moment, and there is nothing wrong with it but did you notice the guy in the background? His expression takes away the romantic element and adds humor it because of his weird pose.

3 13 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

After the actual event of the wedding, some couples like to have an after party where they drink beyond their capacities to celebrate the new beginning of their life. We can imagine how fun it must be to compete with the limit of drinking of each other and normally it is a man who is still drinking while others have passed out already. However, it is funny how the bride is still drinking with all these men lying around her. The groom needs to be careful in the future!

4 14 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

Some couples like to have weddings where everyone follows a particular theme, and it looks cool when the couple follows it too. However, they need to be very sensible about the theme because if it turns out to be a fail, then the couple might end up making a fool out of themselves. Unfortunately, this couple is one of them who look hilarious when they should have looked gorgeous, especially the guy looks weird with that mask and that expression. The way he is standing, it doesn’t look like he is getting married.

5 14 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

Every wedding has some people who are expert in ruining photos, and the worst part is that they spoil the ones that are amazing things. Like the picture that you can see below shows how the two friends were posing for a photograph but their other friends decided to ruin it by making the whole photo awkward yet funny at the same time. The two ladies at the back are apparently trying to make the picture look hilarious by their intimate pose, and when looking at pictures like these, we want to tell the photo bombers to get a room for themselves.

6 14 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

Some awkward photographs are funny because they are so weird that you eventually start laughing. We understand that fun is a part of every wedding and we are entirely cool with it, in fact, we like it but what is the guy in the picture even trying to do? From the photo, it looks like some game is going on but the whole panties part make it funny. The way the groom is so proudly holding it is awkward yet hilarious and the fact that everyone is cheering for him makes it more entertaining when we think of what he might be up.

7 14 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

The photograph that you can see below is yet another hilarious click where the bride and her friends are having a fun time having some action. While the three of the ladies are pulling the bride with those ribbons of the bridal dress, the brides stand unmoved which is funny. It seems like her friends are trying to stop the bride from going to the groom and she poses happily as they put in all their energy. We bet that this photograph is going to be one of the most memorable and funny ones that the lady is going to cherish for her entire life!

8 13 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

Every woman looks perfect at her friend’s wedding with all the makeup and dressing that takes hours, and when we see the final look, we are often dazzled. But have you ever wondered that how do these women look while they are preparing for an event? The photo below shows you that! All of them are in one bathroom and almost every corner, a female is busy dressing up. The funniest part is the lady who is sitting on the toilet so confidently as if she is alone in the bathroom.

9 14 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

All wedding photo shoots have crazy pictures that are funny yet cute at the same time, and we preserve such photographs for a lifetime. The one that you have just seen is one of them! Before everyone gets all sentimental as the bride and the groom tie the knot, the wives and her friends decided to make some funny faces, and the way they are posing would even make you question their mental stability. I mean which bride poses like that? On her big day, every woman loves to get a sophisticated picture taken, unlike this one.

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