15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

The little girls in the photograph are very excited to sit under the bride’s gown and so is the bride. And the way the photo is taken, it seems like it was the kids who gave that royal effect to the bride’s dress by sitting under it and at the end of the function the bride decided to give everyone a quick look at what was inside. Such photographs add life to the weddings, and we believe that every photo shoot should have some clicks like these that force you to laugh even after several years!

11 14 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

It is said that after a couple marries, the man is the one who has to go through a lot of torture at the hands of the woman, and it might be true, but we never knew that it starts right after the vows. Especially, in this case, it looks like the lady was waiting for them to be declared as husband and wife so that she could tell him that she is the real boss and to show him that she pulled this stunt. Her expression is funnier than the pose, and that is what makes a shot hilarious! We wish best of luck to the guy, though.

12 13 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

Here is another funny photograph from a wedding photo shoot where the bride’s maids are proudly flashing off their bottoms. We can even see the color of their panties, and it’s funny how the bride is pointing towards the lower part of one of them as if she wants you to notice it. Some photos are not that funny; it’s just that the moment you see them you just start laughing because they have life in it and this one happens to be one of them. You like it, don’t you?

13 14 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

How can a female have a man’s legs? You would be surprised at the sight of this photo, but then you will realize that the groom has lifted the bride and so you cannot see her body or face but only his legs and the female’s body. And that will be enough to make you laugh because then the picture will appear even funnier to you because it seems like a bride with man’s legs is trying to run and she looks exceptionally tall. We believe that all couples need to have pictures like these in their wedding shoots because they are a good laughing stock for the years to come!

14 14 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

The photo that you can see below is the last click that we have for you, and we hope that you will laugh about it as much as you did on the previous ones. Don’t be shocked at the muscles that the bride has because trust us; it is not the case. The bride and groom decided to prank everyone by doing the trick. If you carefully notice, the bride’s arms are folded, and so it is rather a man’s arms, but we must say that the expression of the lady makes it look real. We hope you enjoyed the article, don’t forget to SHARE it with the people around you!

15 14 - 15 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh