20 Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

Being adventurous is nice but doing things which you know would kill you is just something stupid. Some people think that they can get away from even the most dangerous things in life, but when reality hits them sadly it’s too late to back out. This picture is from a zoo in India where a man wanted to have a closer look at the tiger, escaping the guards he jumped over the fence and landed right in front of the wild animal. It may have only taken a while until the tiger attacked him and he died right there on the spot.

1 12 - 20 Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

As compared to other animals, goats are very peach peaceful and do not get angry very quickly, we have been barely ever heard any story of a person getting attacked by a goat. But this goat here looks like a short-tempered one, or maybe this girl annoyed it a little more than she should have. You know how they say, only annoy someone as much as they can take it, we guess the same thing happened with the goat. It could not handle the girl annoying it anymore, and it attacked her back to take her revenge. Whoever made this picture clicked it at such perfect time that we can see both the goat and the girl in the air.

2 12 - 20 Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

Like some humans, some ducks don’t even like to be pointed the finger at. Ducks are calm creatures, and you never see them being violent, but this duck probably snapped at this woman for pointing her finger at it like that. The duck lost it’s calm nature and bit the girl’s finger and didn’t let go of it until someone else intervened to help. Now we have learned to never miss with ducks ever in our life.

3 12 - 20 Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

If you are a fan of surfing, then you would know the name of the famous surfer Mick Fanning. He is a professional athlete with years of experience and mind-blowing talent. This picture was taken when he was once surfing in the ocean, he probably got overconfident and forgot about the wild animals that live underwater. He was busy playing with the leash of his surfboard when he realized there is something behind him, when he looked back he saw a shark coming towards him. He was attacked, but luckily he escaped and got safely to the land, his surfboard although got damaged.

4 13 - 20 Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

Tragedy does not always mean a near-death experience, but it can be any event which makes you feel uncomfortable or cause you some harm. This girl here can relate to what we are saying as it looks like she has been in a similar situation. This blonde came out to relax in the sun and fell asleep, to her bad luck a dog walking nearby stopped by her and peed over her face. We think this is one kind of reality and tragedy.

5 13 - 20 Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

Its a custom for Hunters to take a picture with whatever animal they capture, especially the big ones. This is because their catch is like their trophy which they want to show off to their friends. Similarly these two hunters caught a big bear and clicked a picture with it, but what they forgot was bears are usually in pairs or groups, and what we can see in the picture they missed out and got attacked by that big bear in the back who looks angry and wants to take revenge from the hunters for killing the other bear.

6 13 - 20 Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

When camping in the wild its very important to keep a weapon to keep yourself safe from wild animals, which are most likely to attack any prey they see on their land. This man who is camping in the middle of a forest got a visit paid by the lion. If you look around you, don’t see any weapon around the man, which means if the lion attacks him he has nothing to save himself. Lucky for him the lion was not in the mood for violence, it’s usually the female lions which hunt and this one is a male. The camper’s life was saved, and he ran away from there as soon as the animal left.

7 13 - 20 Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

We thought hunters are clever people but looking at pictures of these silly people, we are changing our thoughts. After catching their prey, instead of making sure there aren’t more animals around, these hunters get excited and start clicking pictures. This man here caught a large deer, and while he was posing with it for the camera, a lion came behind them. Now we don’t know if the lion just took the deer as it were prey and spared the life of the hunter or it killed every one of them and enjoyed a big feast.

8 12 - 20 Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

Wild boar may be small in size, but if you mess with them, they can kill you very severely. They are not very aggressive animals, like say if you look at them from far away minding your own business then they wouldn’t be bothered but if you come closer to them and piss them off, then they would chase you till they hurt you. This old man probably did something like that only, that is why the wild boar is after him. We doubt this man would have made it for long, considering his old age.

9 13 - 20 Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck

In the movies we usually see sharks coming after people because of the smell of their blood, but in reality, sharks are curious sea creatures who come after anything they feel is strange or they haven’t seen before, especially things on the surface of the water. This man in his tiny boat does not even know that there is a shark coming towards him, and also if he figured out later how far could he have escaped on a boat of that size. Though it’s hard, we still wish he is alive.

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