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Integrated Intel Graphics Will Be On NVIDIA Level

Analyst Ashraf Eassa, specializing in Intel products, shared interesting information about the future products of the largest chipset manufacturer. According to him, the company intends to focus on integrated graphics and even to equalize in this field in performance with solutions from NVIDIA.

Integrated Intel Graphics Will Be On NVIDIA Level

Intel processor with integrated AMD Radeon Rx Vega M graphics.

As you know, the upcoming Cannon Lake processors, the release of which is postponed for 2019, will be equipped with integrated Intel graphics of the tenth generation. According to the analyst, Intel is already developing future generation of graphics subsystem, performed on different versions of the 10-nm process technology. So, the 11th generation will be twice as high as the 10th generation. A similar increase is expected in the 12th generation.

The insider also added that Intel, when creating the 12th generation of integrated graphics, aims to bypass the discrete NVIDIA graphics cards by the ratio of performance and power consumption in the TDP to 60 W, and at TDP over 60 W, and even equal to the solutions from NVIDIA.