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Is Enough Energy Of All Tesla Electric Cars For Bitcoin Mining?

Agree, a very unexpected question, which few people thought about until now. Except for the experts of the American multinational holding Morgan Stanley. And they managed to give a detailed answer.

Today, the total energy required for mining the cryptocurrency Bitcoin exceeds the capabilities of all the electric vehicles that are now created. And in the coming year, this figure will be at least 125 TWh, which is about three times more and comparable to the costs of Latin American Argentina. If you focus on the plans for the production of electric vehicles, this segment of the machine industry will reach no earlier than 2025.

Let’s pass to the final calculations when comparing Tesla and Bitcoin. At the end of last year, the number of cars produced under Tesla brand was about 280 thousand. If you specify the initial data at the level of overcoming each vehicle at least 15 000 mi (24 000 km), it turns out that the total amount of electricity will not exceed 1.3 TWh. And this, for a second, is twenty-eight times less than what was required by bitcoin over the past year (36 TWh).