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Launched Into Space Tesla Can Still Return To Earth

Canadian scientists conducted a study, during which they found out what the future of Elon Musk, launched into space Tesla Roadster, and what the probability of it return to Earth is in the future.

According to their calculations, it turns out that the electric car, which has already become a meme and forever inscribed it name in the history of humans, has a six percent chance to return to Earth in the next few million years. The probability that Tesla will face Venus is 2.5%.

Within the framework of the research, scientists created and analyzed 240 computer simulations to assess how the car will move in space for the next 3.5 million years. As the astrophysicist Hanno Rein of the Toronto University said, two main versions were considered: the car will remain next to the planets of the terrestrial group (Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury) or under the influence of Jupiter’s gravity will travel to the outer region of the solar system.

According to the calculations of scientists, Tesla will fly near the Earth about every 30 years and if ever the car hits the Earth, it will most likely completely burn in the atmosphere. Immediately we stipulate that if the above-mentioned event ever happens, then the Earth (to the surface) will reach at the very least only a small part of Tesla, it’s more likely that the car (or what is left of it by that time) will completely burn in the atmosphere.

In general, a lot of suggestions were made on the topic of what will happen next with Tesla. Chemist and expert on organic substances from the Indiana University, William Carroll told the publication LiveScience, that in severe space conditions by the influence of radiation, the car will gradually disintegrate. It was also suggested that the debris of Tesla could damage spacecraft operating in orbit around Mars. The publication Popular Mechanics suggested that the car will fall into the “orbital loop” and will approach something to Mars, then to the Earth. There are also those who believe that Tesla will fly to Mars and bring life there from Earth. However, it’s much more likely that by that time the Red Planet will be colonized.