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Tesla Semi Trucks Delivered Cargo From Nevada To California For The First Time

Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk said that Tesla Semi electric trucks carried cargo transportation for the customer for the first time. As expected, Tesla itself was the first customer to deliver batteries for electric cars from Gigafactory (Nevada) to Tesla assembly lines in Fremont, California.

Note that at the beginning of this month, eyewitnesses have already seen a truck Tesla Semi on the I-80 high-speed highway, but then the truck was tested in a no-load mode. Now the truck was loaded by appropriate trailer and departed to carry out its work. Departing a pair of trucks from Gigafactory was captured by Elon Musk personally:

Well, the fact that Tesla trucks took the route for about 5-6 hours, were able to confirm at once several eyewitnesses who caught electric cars at Supercharger charging station, and also while driving along the route:

Let’s remind, that according to the originally announced technical data, Tesla Semi trucks don’t need charging in order to overcome this route – the distance between the factories is 261 miles, whereas even the base version of the truck has a power reserve of 300 miles, not to mention more expensive version with a power reserve of 500 miles.

Tesla Semi Trucks Delivered Cargo From Nevada To California For The First Time

Tesla Semi Trucks Delivered Cargo From Nevada To California For The First Time

However, judging by the photos, the trucks were still recharging, which can speak of an attempt to test the process of charging from a real charging station, and that test versions of trucks can be equipped with smaller-capacity batteries.

Next, the fans of the brand followed a couple of loaded Tesla Semi trucks, to assess its opportunities on the track:

Recall that first Tesla Semi electric truck is equipped with four electric motors, which allow it to accelerate to 60 mph in a loaded state in just 20 seconds. Tesla guarantees the service life of the Semi transmission nearly at one million miles, which corresponds to approximately 40 round-the-world voyages, and the first deliveries to customers will begin in 2019.

Recently, a representative of the logistics company DHL said that according to their calculations, Tesla Semi purchase will pay for itself in 1.5 years (and not for 2 years, as it was previously thought), and Elon Musk promissed to exceed the announced characteristics of the electric truck, while maintaining the same cost.